Friday, September 22, 2006

What about Opaque Tights?

This issue of Life and Style (taken from the pages of Oh No They Didn't claims that everyone hates Liv Tyler's outfit. Well, I beg to differ.

You all know I have a special place in my heart for Liv. I think she's classy and quite above the trash and tramp of most Hollywood celebrities. She keeps to herself, she looks good when she goes out in public, she doesn't publicly sleep around, and she takes good care of her baby. In addition to that, she always chooses interesting film projects, ones that are important to her. She's not overexposed.

Apart from this, however, I like her outfit. I like opaque tights and frequently wear them during the fall. I love the new look this fall with tall, thicker heeled shoes (check out anthropologie to get a rough idea of what I mean. You may have also seen a similar in The Devil Wears Prada.)

Anyway, I say, go Liv! Work your own unique look. And have fun!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Oh my dear sweet Mena

Please tell me this is an early Halloween costume.

Please tell me that's a wig. (Coincidentally, I had that same haircut back in kindergarten when my mom used to cut my hair. Which meant my bangs started from the back of my head.)

Please tell me leggings are returning to that flaming cesspool in hell from whence they came.

Please tell me leather vests are biker-only wear. If that.

Please tell me her Aquafina isn't spiked.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Best Dressed or Best Use of the Safety Net?

Recently, "America's Sweetheart," a.k.a. Jennifer Aniston, was dubbed the "Best Dressed Woman of 2006," according to People Magazine. While Ms. Aniston clearly can coordinate classic, solid pieces, one wonders if her style is worthy of the title.

To me, "Best Dressed" goes far beyond the safe bet. It's about taking fashion risks, and succeeding at those risks. It's rather hard to mess up an ensemble of designer jeans and a white cotton oxford, or a khaki skirt and a black jacket, with standard-issue black heels.

Don't get me wrong---I think she's one classy gal, and her style translates well to middle-America. But is she a fashion icon? Is her style memorable?

And seriously---

If she shows up at one more premiere, award ceremony or party in a black dress, I think I'll die of boredom...


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You have GOT to be kidding me...

As a classically trained soprano, the world of pop music never fails to astound me. It boggles my mind that vocal greats such as Renee Fleming, Maria Callas, and Dame Joan Sutherland can go virtually unnoticed by mainstream consumers, but musical inferiors like Kevin Federline and the Simpson sisters get endless press.

These latest pictures from Kevin's GQ shoot make me laugh.

Really? Public drunkenness? Awesome. I guess he really is country just like Britney says. Seriously, that's probably a multi-thousand-dollar suit he has on there, and now it's ruined. The excess, it burns.

This picture...makes no sense. Or I suppose it's a sweet oblique reference to this piece of less-known information about Britney Spears. Who'da thunk?

(pictures courtesy of this fabulous website. If you aren't reading them, you definitely should be.)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Rockin' my world

I heart The Rock. Anytime his True Hollywood Story comes on, I have to stop everything to watch. He's actually still with his first (pre-fame) wife and seems like a totally normal, sweet man. He just strikes me as a kindred spirit. For some reason, I could just see us sipping green tea together and chatting about our old college football days in some coffeeshop in Seattle one day. It will happen, people. It will.

What I do not heart is his outfit here. Something just seems wrong. Men in v-necks just seem so Simon Cowell-y to me. (Cowell-y is the best adjective ever, admit it. Doesn't it just evoke "smarmy" and "oily" and "excessively arrogant and negative" all at the same time?)

There is no reason this outfit shouldn't work, but I just can't get over the v-neck, even if it is accentuating his vast pectorals and showing off just a hint of tribal tattoo. The cut of his jacket seems to be making him look smaller, too. But you can't hide The Rock. Don't even try it.

So ignore that his foot is in a cast. (Isn't it funny that we have no idea why his foot is in a cast, but when Lindsay Lohan nicks herself shaving, the gossip blogs are all over it?) This outfit really is the perfect "casual male at VMA's" wear, but go for a crew collar and a jacket that fits next time.