Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You have GOT to be kidding me...

As a classically trained soprano, the world of pop music never fails to astound me. It boggles my mind that vocal greats such as Renee Fleming, Maria Callas, and Dame Joan Sutherland can go virtually unnoticed by mainstream consumers, but musical inferiors like Kevin Federline and the Simpson sisters get endless press.

These latest pictures from Kevin's GQ shoot make me laugh.

Really? Public drunkenness? Awesome. I guess he really is country just like Britney says. Seriously, that's probably a multi-thousand-dollar suit he has on there, and now it's ruined. The excess, it burns.

This picture...makes no sense. Or I suppose it's a sweet oblique reference to this piece of less-known information about Britney Spears. Who'da thunk?

(pictures courtesy of this fabulous website. If you aren't reading them, you definitely should be.)