Monday, September 18, 2006

Rockin' my world

I heart The Rock. Anytime his True Hollywood Story comes on, I have to stop everything to watch. He's actually still with his first (pre-fame) wife and seems like a totally normal, sweet man. He just strikes me as a kindred spirit. For some reason, I could just see us sipping green tea together and chatting about our old college football days in some coffeeshop in Seattle one day. It will happen, people. It will.

What I do not heart is his outfit here. Something just seems wrong. Men in v-necks just seem so Simon Cowell-y to me. (Cowell-y is the best adjective ever, admit it. Doesn't it just evoke "smarmy" and "oily" and "excessively arrogant and negative" all at the same time?)

There is no reason this outfit shouldn't work, but I just can't get over the v-neck, even if it is accentuating his vast pectorals and showing off just a hint of tribal tattoo. The cut of his jacket seems to be making him look smaller, too. But you can't hide The Rock. Don't even try it.

So ignore that his foot is in a cast. (Isn't it funny that we have no idea why his foot is in a cast, but when Lindsay Lohan nicks herself shaving, the gossip blogs are all over it?) This outfit really is the perfect "casual male at VMA's" wear, but go for a crew collar and a jacket that fits next time.