Thursday, September 07, 2006

Killing Me Softly

Dear Ann Taylor Loft,

We need to talk.

I've been faithfully shopping at ATL stores across the nation for four years now. I cannot count the times that I've plugged you to friends, family, or this website. I cannot count the times that someone has said: "Oh, what a cute outfit!" and I have said: "Oh, I got it at Ann Taylor!".

But something has GOT to give, girl.

What is this supposed to be? A denim skirt? With leggings? Yes, I can see that. I can see. Denim miniskirt with leggings, leftover fug from last year. And really quite cute if you're under 18 and quite skinny.

But that's not your target market, is it?

Or is it?
A sweater tunic? Who looks good in those? Well, your model for sure. She can pull it off, but she's 90 pounds. Are our readers 90 pounds? Most of them are not, I'll wager. I'm not 90 pounds. Who needs fashion advice if you weigh that little? Wear whatever you like; you're beyond rules at that point.

More importantly, the market to which you're supposedly selling is not 90 pounds, either.
Oh. This is my favorite by far. A tunic, leggings, AND a bubble skirt. Delightful. If your target market is the sophisticated businesswoman, where do you see her wearing this? Is this the part in her saga where she blows off work, ignores all social maxims, and obliterates all morals about fashion?

Is ugly the new professional?

Please. Annie. I'm begging you. Cut it out with the legging and all the ugliness or I'll totally stop mentioning you on this site. I mean it.