Thursday, August 31, 2006


We do our best to supply you with original material here at Las Fashionistas, but sometimes a colleague or a magazine just hits it out of the ballpark, and we gotta give ‘em props. This month's issue of Real Simple magazine has absolutely rocked my world.

Not only does it have awesome reader-produced “beauty timesaving” tips (many available on the website), it also has a rundown of the best pressed powders and the best corduroys (perfect for fall!) for your body type and price range. They also have a full article on how to make getting ready in the morning faster and easier.

Best of all (and sadly, this was not available on their website), they have an incredible feature called “The Well-Balanced Wardrobe," that essentially tells you exactly what you need for a well-rounded, easily mixed and matched wardrobe. Seriously great article.

I'm not the "super-organized, super-creative mommy" type this magazine seems to cater to, and I only read Real Simple for the product reviews and fashion tips, but this magazine is worth the subscription--or at least a buy just for this month. Get 'em while they last, ladies!

Photo: Real Simple's September cover photo by Monica Buck.