Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Frequently Asked Questions

We at Las F love when you ask questions, and we encourage that if you have anything you want to know more about, just drop us a line and we'll gladly look into it. That being said, we do get a ton of requests - if you haven't seen yours yet, rest assured they're coming. There are also a handful of questions that we get all the time, and so in an effort to knock out a bunch at once, and not have to reply to every single one, here are the most frequently asked questions and the answers.

1. How do I ___________ on Blogger?
Okay, to be honest, for all those of you who seem to think we're these brilliant web page designers, we're truly not. We happen to know a little html, but mostly all the tools we need come from Blogger, and that's where we learned how to use them. I'd suggest that you go to them for help, and not us, because we are really not so bright that we just invented this all.

2. What do you look like?
Although I have to admit, usually this question comes in the form of an insult, along the lines of, "You're both probably fat and ugly," or, "I hate when homely women make fun of other people." Sorry to disappoint you all - we like to be mysterious, and we'll never reveal what we look like, except to say that we're obviously not so hideous that we're locked in tall towers, and we're obviously not so fat that we can't walk to the computer and write for your entertainment. Other than that, get used to disappointment - we'll never tell. But we are planning on doing a post about ourselves soon (favorites, etc), so if you want to get in your own burning question, leave a comment and we'll try to let you know.

3. Can I link to you?
The answer is always yes. We're a public outlet, and all are welcome. Feel free to share our stuff with whomever you prefer.

4. What makes you think you're qualified to judge __________ ?
That's actually a really good question, and for that answer I'll refer to our manifesto in our profile. We aren't here to change the world or even get people to agree with us. We're just here to issue our helpful, funny and/or disturbing views on the world, especially those that struggle to remain in the public eye. We like to poke fun, all the time wishing it was we who were the big stars - so try not to take us too seriously :)

5. What's with anonymous?
We...seriously don't know. I think this is where people take us too seriously, then they feel it's their responsibility to start taking us down. Well, okay, but it seems like a waste of energy to us. My personal theory is that the person we've skewered (or their mother) is writing the comment. If that's the case - then I guessed we hit a nerve, eh?

6. Can I comment in Spanish?/Puedo comentar en espanol?
Yes, but be forewarned that only one of us speaks Spanish, and I don't know how to make the tilde, accent or upside-down punctuation, so you'll have to muddle through my responses. We also take comments in French (nous parlons francais).

I hope that clears some things up.