Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Great and Not-So-Great Performances

"Can you tell us about your favorite and not so favorite shows of the past and present?"

Adrian, I'd be happy to. Music is a favorite of Las F. I think the most memorable show, for me, was when I got to see Reel Big Fish, one of my favorite bands of all time. The show was great, because they played all of their best songs, and they made up songs as they went along, too. They're just a fun band, and the energy the audience reacts with just makes you like the event more. What was even better was I went backstage afterward and met the band, and most of them are some of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. Scott, the trumpet (and everygthing else) player is an accomplished musician, and Matt, the bassist, was a lot of fun to talk to. They stuck around for as long as we were willing to. And the weirdest part was Aaron, the lead singer, was actually shy and much shorter than I suspected. Who knew? RBF went through a lot of personnel changes, though, and their new bandmate Tyler was just troublesome. I didn't care for him very much at all.

My second favorite concert experience was when I saw the Barenaked Ladies. They are just such an entertaining band to watch that it's hard not to like the show. The best part (especially if you've heard him do it on any of their live stuff) is when Ed starts talking about something and then all of a sudden it's a funny song. When I saw them the story was about how many ribs he had eaten that week. "Gimme an R, I, B, what does that spell? Rib!" Of course singing along with "If I Had $1,000,000" is an experience every BNL fan should have. When they sang the "Shopping" song, they came out with shopping carts (or buggies, as some of you call them) and did a song a dance. I also loved when they all came out from behind their instruments, the drummer included, to do an acoustic rendition of "For You." Just brilliant.

As far as my least favorite shows, I can't really say I have any. If I like a band enough to go to the show, I'm usually not disappointed by seeing them live. Some shows are more entertaining than others, but then of course some music is entertainment in and of itself, with no need for choreography or embellishment. Although my chief complaint with the concert circuit is the crappy opening acts. What a waste of my time. I've learned to go to the concert late to avoid having to sit through them. Otherwise, a concert is the best night out money can buy.