Sunday, September 25, 2005

Music You Must Hear, Vol. 2

"Thanks for the song recommendations. If would be great if you continued to do so."

Hey, we aim to please, right? Back by popular demand is my music recommendations for you. I like to do oldies first, then new stuff. You really need to go and listen to Bjork, but I'm going to make a caveat here. If you like mainstream, straightforward rock or pop, then you should definitely not listen to her music. Don't go listen to it and then come back and be all, "Damn, that sucked!" because I'm telling you now she's not for everybody. She's incredibly experimental, and it's sometimes jarring to an ear that's used to radio fare. If you're looking for something terribly different, Bjork's your gal, and she is just dripping with talent. On a side note, Dancer In the Dark was a fantastic film, but only watch it if you're in the mood for a good cry and can handle the films of Gus Van Sant. Toward the end of the film you'll realize why she only acted once - she really gave the role 110%. In any event, I recommend "My Spine" and "Our Hands," not because they're both body part songs, but they're good to start out if you've never heard her before. Then, to explore her depth you should move on to "Joga" and follow it up with "It's Oh So Quiet." Now, if you're really feeling experimental and you're in the mood for something heavy and industrial (as I often am), try the remix of "Enjoy" found on her Telegram album. It helps to like techno if you're going to try Bjork; she's definitely different. Think about that swan dress. Different.

As far as new music is concerned, I've been all about the new Gorillaz album Demon Days. Yes, that "Feel Good, Inc." song is nice and it's popular, but there is so much more going on with that album. "November Has Come" was one of my favorites immediately, a little angsty and a mellow backbeat. I also liked "Dare," which has become quite popular overseas and made it into a commercial. The best thing about the Gorillaz is that they're not just a rap band, or a pop band, or a rock band. They do all kinds of different things, so it's hard to get bored of them. They also run the risk of doing something terrible, but they're willing to take that risk, and that's commendable. So go out and listen to something old...and new.