Friday, September 23, 2005

Head Cases Bites the Dust

Cue the sad music - Fox Television has decided that it will cancel it's new show Head Cases after only two episodes. Apparently viewership dropped fifty percent between its first and second episodes, so I guess that means it wasn't doing so well, right? I don't understand how it is that an inane vehicle with Paris and Nicole can stay on for four seasons, despite the fact that now they aren't even speaking to each other, and yet a seemingly good show such as this one failed so quickly. After all, the show had two excellent actors in the lead roles. Chris O'Donnell, whether you like him or not, is definitely not a slouch of an actor. His co-lead was played by Adam Goldberg and, again, whether or not you like him, he's got some good comic timing and has done guests on shows we at Las F love, like Friends and Will and Grace. Hysterical every time. So what exactly happened to this show that it went down in a fiery blaze so fast? I blame, almost entirely, Fox's apparent inability to a) recognize when they have a potentially successful show on their hands, and b) market that potential success appropriately. Think about it - have you heard of the show? Do you know what it is about? Have you seen any ads for it? I, personally, had heard of it, had a vague idea of what it was about, but didn't know what time it was on or, really, anything else. That's bad - someone who stays on top of things like this has no idea what your new show is about. You're doing something wrong.

The network really shouldn't have a problem, here. I love Fox - Family Guy, The Simpsons, X-Files, all shows I love that they did right by. However, it's made its fair share of mistakes, and continues to. Look at Arrested Development, for example. The show took home Emmys in its first year for Best Comedy Series, Best Directing and Best Writing, and the fans still had to wage a grassroots war with the network to keep the show on. What was killing the program was the low ratings, and you know that it would have gotten better ratings if it had been marketed better and given a better time slot. You can't put a new show up against an established show such as Desperate Housewives. It just won't work. The show has a new time slot now, and picked up a couple more Emmys, not to mention viewers. Congratulations on not screwing up a really good thing, Fox. Idiots. I felt a little cheated by the fact that the show got cancelled before I even got a chance to watch it.