Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sienna Miller Dumb as the Rest of Us

Sienna Miller, for all her good looks and jillions of dollars, is as stupid as the average woman when it comes to love.

Female First reports that the fashion model and actress has imposed her own set of commandments upon her erstwhile fiance, Cheating, Lying scumbag-- er--I mean, hot actor-Jude Law:

The 23-year-old actress - who even made the heartthrob actor write down every woman he's slept with [well played, darling! What if he lies to you?] - insists she won't stay with the star if he breaks the rules again and Jude has reportedly agreed to the conditions.

A source is quoted in Britain's Daily Mail newspaper as saying: "Jude has been a changed person since Sienna left him. While he totally dominated her before, since the allegations came out and she dumped him he has been totally different". [Las F note: that's the very least he can do, and we really do mean the absolute bare minimum.]

The source added: "Sienna believes in monogamy and will not stand for him cheating. And she has told him that he has to control his temper, as he often used to shout at her and she will not take it anymore".

The actress also made Jude promise to spend less time with ex-wife Sadie Frost, not to pressure her into marriage and to let her make her own decisions.

The insider added: "Everyone is joking that she has written her commandments down on a scroll!"

Heartthrob my saggy dimpled arse. A cheater is a cheater is a cheater! And fighting a control freak with, well, control freak tactics is never, ever, ever going to get you anywhere. In fact, it will probably backfire. We remain vigilant for a very public breakup and subsequent cat fight. My money's on Sadie.

Sienna, if I was a guy and my girlfriend, for whom I'd rudely ditched my wife and three children, dressed like this:

Or this:


Sienna has revealed herself to be a truly desperate woman. Instead of being mature enough to realize that a man who cheats once will do it again, she's doing what most women do-she's assuming that her love is enough to change him. Good luck, babe. If a man cheats on his wife with you, the chances are excellent that he'll continue to play the same old sick tricks and expect to get away with it just because he has a pretty face.

She believes in monogamy? Give me a frigging break. So how does she classify carrying on a dalliance with a married man who has three kids?

As far as I'm concerned, what goes around comes around. Sienna's mother must have never explained to her that whole bit about "If they do it with you, they'll do it to you" when it came to lying, cheating manwhores like Jude Lawless. Sienna, if you want my advice, you'll steer clear of that unwashed miscreant and send his ugly butt packing.

It just goes to show, dear readers, what the Shining Intellects have known all along: all the looks in the world can't make up for fidelity.

And all the modeling in the world can't make up for common sense. Kate Moss, we're looking at you too.