Monday, September 19, 2005

Hello, Inappropriate!

I've noticed that Hello Kitty has made it into the fashion world in a big way. I've also noticed that she has been worn in the entirely wrong way, and I just won't let that happen to her. There need to be some boundaries, and who else but Las F could tell you what they are.

The first thing you need to remember is that there is a fine line between youthful and juvenile. You are an adult, so you need to look and act like one. An adult will keep in mind that a tasteful Helly Kitty object is cute, young-at-heart and trendy, but to go to far risks a fashion crime. A Hello Kitty purse is absolutely adorable, especially because the good people at Sanrio have realized that they are sitting on a cash cow and are starting to design items with an adult audience in mind. This purse is not too cutesy, so it's great for an everyday use purse. There are also some adorable jewelry pieces to be had, including pendant necklaces and blingy watches. You can also get away with wearing a Hello Kitty tank top if it's matched with some grown-up jewelry and shoes, or the pajama pants, as I am personally fond of.

There are plenty of examples, however, of people who have abused the Kitty privilege, and it's our duty to ostracize them. This family, for example, decided to have the Kitty emblazoned on the side of their vehicle. Don't. Do it. What's going to happen when that kid on the right turns 18 and now has to drive the embarassment-mobile? Furthermore, you have now crossed the line from "hip parent that still keeps it real" to "completely unhip with no hope of resurrection." Be a parent, but still be yourself. Moving on from there, we have this hairpiece which, I don't know who this person thinks she is, but no one rocks the bow but Hello Kitty. Don't be a juvenile. If it were a real bow I might be a little more lenient, but come on, did you cut that out yourself? Ridiculous. Even more ridiculous, however, is the crown jewel of bad taste, this Hello Kitty gown. I'm not sure which occasion the woman who made this dress was intending to wear it to, but I can't come up with even one that it would look good at - except for costume ball, but that's not even a costume). It's just a bad idea. I hope that these photos and suggestions will help you on your quest to wear Hello Kitty, and remember to use your best judgement. If you think you look like a fool, you most likely do.