Sunday, September 18, 2005

Las Jetsetters

In an effort to keep you completely informed of what's going on worldwide, Las Fashionistas will be taking a trip to London and Paris in January. We'll give you a firsthand look (for those of you who don't live in or near those cities) at what people are wearing, what they are doing and how they live. After all, being narrow-minded is never attractive, no matter what you're wearing to do it.

Bearing that in mind, if you're going to be an abassador of good fashion to a foreign country, you should know what the scene is where you're going, and reflect your homeland in where you're going. After doing some research, Las F learned that the metropolitan Europeans are stupendous dressers. After all, Europe is a center for fashion, and so it's good to look your best. Instead of opting for the disgustingly American fanny pack and camera around the neck, I've elected to go with a cadre of good fashion that will serve me well during the trip. At left is one of the options for coats, sleek and fashionable, and with a nice pair of gloves and a scarf, can protect against the damp chill of European winters.

Of course, if the weather will be rainy, it's a drag to have to hold an umbrella wherever you go, and from what I've heard, also silly-looking. In this case, a great hat is in order, but it must pass a few important tests. It has to keep the rain off your face and hair, but also not crush your 'do. I've selected something like the one at left, only without the silly bow. It goes very well with the '60s look I've gone for, as well as passing the aforementioned tests. Plus, it's feminine and more flattering than a baseball cap (shudder). All of this combined makes a great set for sightseeing in style...but there's still one piece missing - the purse. A great sightseeing purse has to be a good size to carry around just what you need, and little else. It should also fit well on the shoulder, to keep your hands free for touching things in a museum that frowns upon that kind of behavior. Kidding! But truly, a good purse will be a lifesaver to you, so pick one you really love. I'll be purchasing one like the purse pictured at right. It will hold the fancy digital camera, the lipstick, the powder, the wallet, and still leave your hands free to carry the souvenirs you pick up along the way.

As an added bonus for you dear readers, we'll have some articles about travel and what the scenes are abroad. And, of course, how to live the good life no matter where you are. A lot of our research came from, where they state, "The worst thing about the English in general is their total inability to hold their liquor, and their frequent occasion to prove it." If that's the worst, I'm in for the best.