Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fashion week

This being fashion week, we at Las F have been working round the clock to weed out the bad, the good, the beautiful, and the downright ugly.

As we so astutely predicted, 50s and 60s glamour are huge this year. We love this little red and white number, but we're also really digging a similar dress in black and white.

Who says no one dresses like Old Hollywood anymore? We at Las F strongly advocate all styles like this white number at right. Gorgeous, glamorous, and a celebration of true femininity. Just don't go with white if you're especially curvy-you'll look like a white sea cow.

This pink dress reminds us of Audrey Hepburn. We're nervous about the bows. We give them about six months before they disappear into the oblivion that is painfully dated fashion. On the other hand, they're a welcome and somewhat whimsical change.

The key idea this season is simplicity--not too many frills or furbelows. The lines are clean, making them especially amenable to being carried over to the knockoff stores. We love this simple ruched-waist turquoise number. It's a little short, and the model desperately needs lipstick, but we like it anyway.

What fashion week would be complete without a fashion disaster? This outfit delivers several sizeable disasters. The jacket is oversized and dowdy. We're not crazy about the buttons. The designer has done the public a disservice by breaking Law 819 of Fashion Design: AVOID formal shorts. They are not cute. They are not sexy. They are SHORTS, and they are good for immensely casual occasions ONLY. Bottom line, avoid this outfit unless it's going to be worn by your loveable, chubby, and hopelessly-stuck-in-the-80's aunt Cindy. As if all this wasn't enough, someone ought to tell this model that her face and legs are entirely different hues. Oops with the fake tanner!