Monday, September 12, 2005


It started as a show called Wild On on the E! Entertainment channel. It was hosted by a number of different skinny, gorgeous women and portrayed the party scene of a bevy of exotic locales. Eventually the show found its apparent poster child and permanent host: Tara Reid. She was the perfect choice for the show, which was eventually retitled Taradise. For any of us who have actually seen Tara in action, however, we know she is not at all that good.

Tara has always been a hard-partying gal, with all the drinking (and drunken stunts) the tabloids could handle. Giving her a show where she gets to indulge this seeming addiction is just insensitive. E!, how could you be so socially unconscious? This girl needs detox and boarding school, stat. I admire how she pretended for a couple of years to actually have an acting career, appearing in such films as Van Wilder. Typecast again, eh, Tara? She even went so far as to try to clean up her image, appearing at a P. Diddy party in a gorgeous gown, looking quite well put together. Of course, like anything else, you can put a prom dress on a donkey and it's still a donkey. Tara had a wardrobe malfunction all her own, as the strap of her too-big gown fell down and gave the world a peek. What made it worse, however, was that she didn't even notice it had happened, and just stood there as greedy paparazzi snapped away. Here she thought she was popular. Guess again. I find it hard to believe that anyone could be that numb to what's going on around her, but then again, look at what she does for a living.

That is why this show seems like slow torture to us upright citizens. E! is just being an enabler for all of her negative behavior. She needs some yoga, maybe a 12-step program, and a house in the suburbs where she can read scripts and go on auditions. The network is just setting her up for more of her antics, and that seems like using her, doesn't it? I almost feel a little bad for Tara - she's the butt of a nationwide joke. Not too bad, though - she got herself into this, and she'll need to get herself out. What she needs to do now is take some acting classes, then land a role in an independent film where she plays a nuclear physicist, or something else that's the polar opposite of who she actually is. Maybe she could go the Charlize route and play an ugly person, or the Hilary Swank route and play a boy. Either way, she has to get out of this mentality and really do a good job, and winning an Oscar would be a great addition, too. After that she'd get the chance to reestablish her credibility as an actress and people would start to take her seriously. Failing that, she'll just drink herself into oblivion and she'll continue to be exactly what she is - a punchline.