Friday, September 09, 2005

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Man

So, you sit down with your man and you're watching television, when all of a sudden Pamela Anderson comes on. If he says anything to the effect of, "Ooh, she's hot," then he's unwittingly put himself in the doghouse. We roll our eyes because we know all he's seeing is boobs and stupidity, and he's actually attracted to that? We know they can do better, which is why there is a triumvirate of women whom we don't seem to mind that our men are attracted to. We'll let them have these three women if they'll let us have Antonio Banderas.

"Monster" really doesn't describe Charlize Theron. Although Oscar (r) seems to like when pretty women go ugly for a role, we like her just the way she is. And, for some reason, we don't flip our lids when our men say they like her. Why on Earth is that? She actually has quite a few endearing qualities that shine through her fame and beauty, for example, her publicly close relationship with her mother. Wow, she's human and not a Hollywood cyborg, we think to ourselves. She has depth, which is more than I could say for dear Pammy up there. She is also, of course, not just pretty, but glamorous, and seems to really put her stylists to good use. She's never appaling and never sloppy, but always stunning, and that's something that I think we can all appreciate. Furthermore, she seems to be - dare I say it - kinda normal. You never see her embroiled in nanny scandals or things of that sort. She's just too classy for that, and that makes her lovable.

Speaking of lovable, we should also look at the flipside of women, adorable, girl next door Sandra Bullock. Sandy here just got married, and she handled it with grace and dignity. They had their special day with privacy, but acknowledged her fame and let us curious onlookers have a peek. She's hysterically funny, a big plus, and she never seemed to let her fame go to her head, instead opting for being - there's that word again - normal. She lives her life like a typical woman, and that's admirable. Oh, and of course she's gorgeous. I'm starting to see a pattern here - it seems like the celebrities we like resemble the best of ourselves in some ways. It's okay for our guys to like these women because they are standards we can, and do, live up to. Who lives up to Pam? Not even Pam.

Exhibit C is Scarlett Johansson, and she's a real peach. She's a talented and successful actress, cute, and yes, normal. Heck, she could be hanging out with all of us later if she wasn't so busy. And that's an additional feature of all these women. They are accessible, which is probably another reason men are drawn to them. They might actually be able to hook one of these women. As a friend of mine says, it only takes one chance encounter, and I hope for me and Antonio that is correct.