Sunday, September 11, 2005

What Not to Wear

The question was recently posed by a loyal reader about the BBC's What Not to Wear, a program dedicated to helping us ordinary citizens dress well. For those of you who live in America, ask the cable company about BBC America - well worth the investment. But are they truly helpful? Do they have the right idea? Las Fashionistas are on the case.

A quick perusal of their golden rules will help us get some insight. Their first rule is about body shape, and how to wear it. We won't go into each individual shape, but the idea is very important, and most certainly deserving of the first slot. Just as we've always said, fashion is an individual pursuit, and you have to work it based on what works on you. They're on target with what works with body shapes. A lot of their other rules are good as well. Play dress-up to find new outfits, veer away from leather pants at all costs, and banish VPL permanently through any means possible. They have concurred with our previous statement to let your makeup accentuate one part of your face at a time. They have other good rules, but the best by far: make sure your shoes are just as fabulous as the rest of your outfit, and this is quite important. We at Las F have a personal credo: no tennis shoes unless you are working out or running. If you're wearing jeans and a nice top, don't reach for your Adidas! Reach for a stylish pair of flats or, for a fancier look, a comfy pair of heels.

There were a couple of rules, however, that we took exception to. They may be the difference between fashion in the States and fashion in the UK, but we're pretty sure we know what we're talking about. The first was to wear color with color. The reason, they indicate, is because if you wear pink with black it will cheapen the color, so you should pair it with other bright colors. The reason we say don't do it is because your outfit will have too much going on, and no one will know where to look first. Take a look at the outfit at right. It's way too much color - would you wear that? Definitely not. Letting one piece stand out doesn't cheapen it, in my opinion. In fact, I think it let's that piece be the star that day. Besides, if you wear two fabulous pieces on two days, you'll get compliments twice instead of once.

The other rule we didn't like was that women over 35 should not wear miniskirts, and I'd agree for most women over 35. But again, this is all about what looks good on you as an individual, and for an example I submit to you Catherine Zeta-Jones. Look at Catherine! She looks fantastic here as Velma Kelly, and with a body like hers, why shouldn't she be able to show it off? Furthermore, there are plenty of women under the age of 35 who should definitely not ever wear a miniskirt. Remember - just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it. Always keep in mind our golden rule - wear what looks best on you, and makes you feel your best.