Monday, August 22, 2005

The Return of the Greatest First Lady

The greatest for fashion, anyway. The gorgeous Jackie O always had the perfect outfit for the occasion, and always turned heads. Fortunately for all of us, the look is on its way back in, and there are a few pieces you can grab now that will pull you into her era.

If you have wide feet, you probably got sick of the pointy-toe trend real quick. Fortunately for you, the round toe is back and better than ever. This black heel, found at Banana Republic, has a retro feel with the bow and low heel, but has been given a modern feel with the shiny black faux-skin material. And of course, for the perfect bag to go with that shoe, you need look no further than Macy's, where you can find this Alfani leather bag. Not only does it have the faux skin to match your shoes, but it also includes a couple of metallic touches, which are very big this season.

The last word in outerwear this fall will be the belted trench, such as the one shown here. The beauty of a trench is that it can go with jeans for a casual look, or with a skirt or dress for a dressier look. As an aside, if you are a short-waisted woman, you might look into a shorter trenchcoat so you don't end up looking like a roly poly. In any event, if you do choose to dress up your trench, try adding a scarf to give it a modern look. As a beauty bonus, if you get an unpatterned coat, you have a lot more options for a scarf pattern, from the plain to the whimsical. And of course, a great addition to any scarf is the very now brooch to secure it to your coat - fashion meets function! For all these looks, just go to your local Gap.

Of course the return of the 60's has been a boon for your work wardrobe as well. Old Navy has some fantastic deals that will let you get suit pieces for about $30 each and create your perfect work couture. You can start with a jacket like the one on the left, available in champagne as well, and match it to the skirt in the same pattern and color. Instant suit! With a crisp white button down you can't miss, and the price is extremely reasonable. Jackie would be proud.