Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Yet another reason why we love Gwen Stefani

Poor Gwen has taken a lot of heat for wearing this suit during fashion week. But we think she looks lovely, as usual. Here's why:
First, Gwen has obeyed the number one rule of dressing casually, which is that Under No Circumstances Does Wearing a Sweatsuit Excuse You From General Hygiene. [Britney, are you listening?] Now, we don't all have to wear lipstick the color of a crimson tide, but Gwen is as polished as a mahogany banister. Everything that should be exfoliated is clean and clear. Brows? Waxed. Nails? Polished. Hair? Creatively styled, but styled nonetheless.

Reason two: Gwen has obeyed the cardinal, yet frequently overlooked rule of wearing loose pants: pair aforementioned loose pants with a hot and sexy top. Why is this a rule? Well, the first and most important reason is that the Shining Intellects said so. After that, the next reason is that two loose items shroud your figure, hiding all assets and making you look like a frump and a scrub.

Well done, Gwen!