Friday, September 16, 2005

Why we love Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler has been taking a lot of heat for this picture at left.

Apparently motherhood and some time off have both been good for her. She's been busy with her new baby, her husband, and other family members. She was seen Wednesday eating lunch with her dad, rocker Steven Tyler:

The Shining Intellects love Liv. She is the epitome of style, class, beauty, and good behavior. We were intrigued by her in Empire Records, and we loved her as the luminous elf, Arwen, in The Lord of the Rings. Her decision to act in that movie skyrocketed our respect and admiration for her and it is a mark of her true taste and talent. She acts in well-directed films and has real artistic depth. While we pity her for having to act opposite Jennifer Lopez, that sad fact only underscores our belief that Liv is echalons above the scum of attention-grabbing media sluts, who will do anything to catch the public's eye and will lower themselves to act in any sort of movie to make a quick buck.

Even more important, Liv seems like a dedicated mom who spends lots of time with her little son, Milo. Unlike other celebrity moms we could name (*cough cough Britney cough cough*), Liv is not an attention whore.

We're just happy she doesn't look like Hilary:

Or Renee:

Or Nicole.

You just go right ahead and eat whatever you want, Liv honey. Anyone with your taste in movies and fashion has earned the right to a break. Oh, and your baby is adorable.