Sunday, September 18, 2005

Emmy's Love/Hate List Part Deux

And now, the women we loved.

1. Lauren Graham. As a Gilmore lover, I had to mention her first (excellent premiere, by the way, am I right?). She just looks classy, well-accessorized and attractive. The epitome of what we embody at Las F.

2. Marg Helgenberger. Oh, darling, we love it! A lovely dress with the added touch of a sash. Just goes to show you, folks, she doesn't just look good in an ugly CSI uniform!

3. Felicity Huffman. Generally, we are not enamored with the Desperate Housewives. In Felicity's case, however, we must make an exception. A gorgeous dress and a darling husband makes any girl look fabulous. Finally, a housewife who's not overbotoxed, overskinny or over-egoed.

4. Mariska Hargitay. Mariska, how gorgeous you look! The color is perfect for you, and the dress is attractive but not too revealing. And props to you for not assuming that just because strapless is in fashion you have to cut the straps off the dress you bought *cough cough Nicolette Sheridan*.

5. Camryn Manheim. I miss Camryn, whose real name I astutely guessed to be Debbie, and was bowled over by my own intelligence when I turned out to be right. Anyway, a great dress, very flattering cut and color, and well accessorized.