Monday, September 19, 2005

Why the Emmys were REALLY created....

In order for the Shining Intellects to lovingly poke fun at all celebrities!

"What do you MEAN, there are no bathroom breaks?!?" [Just kidding Jen--you look GREAT!]

"Stop smiling, Debra. I am the New Redhead on TV. I am skinnier than you, smoother than you, and hotter than you. My plan for emerald-green mid-nineties world domination is complete! All will bow before my botoxed beauty! Buwahahahaa!"

Someone on this earth, a mermaid is trapped in human body, desperately hoping to get her voice back.

While waiting for someone to notice her, Jennifer Lowe Hewitt nervously wonders whether it was a good idea to make a dress out of the confetti she used for her "Over the Hill" party last weekend.