Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Where Are America's Next Top Models?

"Could you update us of any ANTM's alumni projects....whatever happened to them?"

Excellent question, Minmi. Now that the show is in it's fifth season (or cycle, as they call it), what happened to those four girls who won it all?

The winner of season one was Adrianne Curry (center), the classically beautiful but frighteningly wild one, and we all know what's the's doing now - a reality show with her boyfriend and former Brady Chris Knight on VH1. Her modeling career, however, has been just as busy. She's done magazines, television, and all around the world, no less. It looks like she may actually live up to her title.

Season two's winner, Yoanna House, a self-described '"bobo" (bohemian bourgeois), has been featured in Jane Magazine as her contract stipulated, but was also added to the Sephora campaign and came away a winner at Fashion Week in Los Angeles. That's not all, however. She also booted Elisabeth Hasselbeck out of her comfy hosting spot on the Style Network's show The Look For Less and took it over for herself. I'm starting to see a pattern here - could it be that being on America's Next Top Model is not just an other reality show, but an actual launching pad for modeling success?

The the third season winner was a very young diva and had an unfortunate last name. Eva Pigford has since been seen with Cover Girl and Applebottoms as a spokeswoman. She's also done television and magazines, and not only that, but will be appearing in the uplcoming film Premium, so be on the lookout for her. Busy lady!

The ethnically diverse, mowhawked Naima Mora was the winner of season four, and since her win has been seen on the most recent Emmy's, handing out awards. Did you recognize her? Go back and look. She was also awarded a contract from Cover Girl. Her win was recent, so we haven't seen much else from her, but if her predecessors are any indicator, she'll have lots of projects in no time.