Saturday, September 24, 2005

Anonymity Rules

It is our sad duty to inform you that, as of this post, Las Fashionistas will cease to exist. We've read the comment left by that anonymous person, but what they said really made sense to us. I mean, who are we, anyway, to judge celebrities? What qualifications do we possess? Who do we really think we are??? I just hope that whoever this genius is will continue to inform people who write blogs for their own entertainment and other people happen to enjoy it that what their doing is a drain on intellect and encourage them to shut down, as we have elected to do. We wholeheartedly apologize to those of you who have been forced to read this that we invaded your computers, redirected your browsers to our websites and infected you with humor and tips and all that normal-people-are-better talk, and told you you could look at nothing else. We hope you can one day forgive us.

Las F

...was that what you were expecting, Anonymous? Dumb hater.

Here's something I'll never get - if you don't like it, why do you read it? Can you not just, you know, read something else? Such wasted energy...which is why we'll just ignore this (insert your favorite four-letter word here).

However, for those of you who like Las F, you don't ever have to worry about one jealous, callow whiner ruining our fun. You keep visiting, we'll keep writing. Enjoy your weekend!