Saturday, September 24, 2005

Props for the Best Commentators Ever

We've mentioned how much we love VH1. It delivers to us exactly what we are looking for: celebrities gone wild, jabs at pop culture and laughing until we puke. The show that best encapsulates this idea is what I consider the finest program on the network, Best Week Ever. Even my boyfriend likes this show, and he's incredibly picky. The reason BWE is great is because of a handful of people we barely know that seem to be regulars on the show.

The gold medal winner, in my book, is Paul Scheer. Who is this guy, anyway? You think to yourself - what gives this gap-toothed bald guy the right to criticize anyone? I'll tell you what: he is beyond hysterical. Best Paul quote (on why NYPD Blue got cancelled): "NYPD Blue is just about dead prostitutes. If I wanted to see dead prostitutes, I'd just look in my closet."

Chuck Nice - unheard of and hysterical. I'm starting to see a pattern with these guys. He's also a radio personality on a local station, and I didn't even know it. I like a renaissance man. Best Chuck quote (on Michael Jackson): "He's trying to let everybody know that he's creepy. Not just the children."

This guy doesn't really look like a comedian - more like an accountant. Paul F. Tompkins is another one of those guys, however, that can make you laugh like it's your job. Best P.Tom quote (to the Robert Blake jury): "Mr. Blake is a bulemic! If you convict him, then you might as well send the whole cast of The O.C. to jail."

Sherrod Small is another one of those guys I haven't heard of but will not ever forget. I don't know where he came from, but he will never be out of work as long as he's happy working for VH1. Best Sherrod quote (on Everybody Hates Chris): "It's like the black people's Wonder Years. Remember Wonder Years? Yeah, he's like Fred Savage. But chocolate."