Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Hip New Trend...Knitting?

I'm sure my grandmother, may she rest in peace, would be absolutely thrilled that the whole knitting thing became the sexy thing to do. There are books, kits, and of course the thrill of a handmade clothing item. We at Las F were, to say the least, surprised. What is going on, here?

Part of why I think knitting has become big is because a lot of women were already knitting but didn't want to tell anyone for fear that people would consider them odd. So, instead, women turned knitting circles into what they now call Stitch n Bitch, which is an opportunity to sit around, knit or crochet, and gossip. Not to mention that it's a cheap hobby, and who doesn't love that? It also seems to be terribly popular among the college crowd - look at the girls in the picture! These ladies, under normal college circumstances, would ordinarily be found doing kegstands at their favorite frat's house, arguing over who was the Chuggernaut and who was Tyrannosaurus Becks. If you're interested in jumping on the bandwagon, there are a ton of websites out there to help you learn, although some of them can be kind of confusing. These people have special code words for how to make stitches, and they all know what they're talking about, but no one else does. That being the case, I recommend visiting Crochet Cabana. Don't laugh, I'm serious! They're pretty good at helping you learn what your doing without being magnanimous about it.

This is a good hobby if you have to sit around somewhere, like if you take a bus to work, or if you need to chill out sometimes. It's a fantastic way to disconnect; you focus enough on what you're doing that you pretty much forget everything else. It's like cotton drugs. Even my boyfriend, who you may remember me mentioning before and is unmitigatingly straight, has tried crocheting and enjoyed it. Of course, he's only using black yarn, because anything else would be too feminine. Also, we've been reminded that, once you make yourself a blanket, you might run out of things to make. This can make you resort to making things like tea cozies and ornaments for your home. Don't let this happen to you! Las F prefer to donate the blankets they make to a charity that redistributes them to the homeless and elderly. This way you won't look like the crazy neighbor who crochets everything he/she owns. Especially now that winter is coming, charities such as those are entering their busy seasons, so any donations are welcome. Crochet Cabana also has a link to charities that provide that service, so you can click around and find one near you. Otherwise, you can try to make your own clothes - at your own risk.