Saturday, September 24, 2005

A much-requested villification of Jude Law

Anonymous points out that we've got it all wrong on
Sienna Miller:

"Ok, so it's alright to b**** about a stick thin actress, or pick apart a singers dress sense, but this is perfectly disgusting!
Even the best of us has given in to the man/ woman we love simply because we love them, and even if it is Jude Law, she's in love with him.

It should be him you're [sic] criticising [sic] for sleepy [sic] with the [profanity deleted] nanny, right under her nose. You are obviously too jealous [Las F note: Whaaaa????] to admit that she had [sic] done the right thing and got [sic] it thrown back in her face. SHAME ON YOU."

Yikes Anonymous! Thanks for writing in, we think. Far be it from us to miss a chance to take down a celebrity, especially a lying cheating egotistical scumbag (haven't we said that somewhere before?) like Jude.

We don't care what he looks like. We don't care how much money he makes. We don't care about his connections. We despise cheaters. They selfishly and habitually hurt women and expect to keep getting away with it. But it takes two to tango, and we're sad to inform you, Anonymous, that Sienna contributed to and encouraged Jude Law's bad, selfish behavior.

Shame on you, Jude Law! It's our never-to-humble opinion that you need rehab. Sex rehab. Pronto.

And shame on you, Sienna, for encouraging his bad behavior in the first place!

And shame on you, Anonymous, for not leaving a name.