Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Kate Moss' Pity Party

I was perusing the news today, and Kate Moss is apparently in dire straits. She has been left "devastated" by the drug accusations and the loss of two of her biggest contracts, H&M and Burberry. She says she felt betrayed by whoever took the picture, and was absolutely devastated by the accusations being thrown at her, according to her manager.

Psst...Kate. The way to not get caught taking drugs is - don't do it. You have some cajones to snort coke, get caught, then actually expect us to feel bad for you because little model girl got nabbed with her hand in the cookie jar. I used to actually like Kate Moss, I thought she was quite a good model, and she was disconcerting when she became thin as a stick, but this now is just absurd. You can't do drugs then expect us to feel bad for you when karma comes back and bites you on your emaciated behind. It just doesn't work that way. The interview went on further to ask whether Kate will be entering rehab and the response was, "she's not an idiot." I mean, I think she was an idiot for doing drugs in the first place, but let's not mince words. I don't feel the least bit bad for you. You should have listen to Earl - do bad things and they will come back to haunt you. No one forced you into nose candy, and now it will be up to you to resurrect both your reputation and your career. And those are the facts, ma'am.