Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Celebrity May-December Romances

Demi and Ashton got married. BFD. Personally, I think the arrangement is a little weird. The age thing isn't necessarily the problem, but the fact that Demi's daughters are old enough to sport a crush on the guy makes the situation slightly creepy. Not to mention that Bruce Willis, ever the untiring ex-husband, is always around. I appreciate that he wants to be a part of his children's lives, but you know that when he goes home after hanging out with that mismatched pair, he just rocks back and forth and wonders what, precisely, he can do to keep his lunch down. Anyway, there are a lot of other May-December romances that are not nearly as nauseating as those.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are a great example. Now, at first I was horrified about this, because the age difference is stark, but after a while I got comfortable with it, perhaps because they act like - heaven forbid - a normal couple. Seriously! They're not having affairs with the help, or walking around barefoot in germ nirvana...they're just an obscenely rich normal couple. It may also be the unspoken excusal of older men with younger women. For some reason it's not that big a deal, as opposed to an older woman with a younger man. Why is that, anyway? Regardless, it's hard not to like these two. I saw Michael on Will and Grace and he was absolutely hysterical. And besides - isn't Catherine fabulous? Who didn't love her in Chicago?

Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson are pretty cute, too. Now, I tried really hard to not like Kate Hudson, mostly out of jealousy, but I couldn't do it. She's just so chill. Now she's made a family with her son, Ryder and her husband, 13 years her senior. Another situation where the man is much older and it doesn't seem to bother me, true, but still, they're just normal people, having a family. And while I think Chris desperately needs a shave and a haircut, they could very well live on my block. That, perhaps, is what means the difference between cute and creepy. For example - Soon Yi Previn and Woody Allen are just bizarre. Why? Because that's his stepdaughter. Yeah. That's the difference, alright. The 35 year age difference wouldn't even be so bad if it wasn't for the whole pseudo-inbreeding thing.

To test the theory on that, let's measure the weird-factor on the newly bi-monikered TomKat. Let's see...they were dating for about ten minutes before they got engaged, check. He's been immersing her in a religion she had nothing to do with before she met him, check. There are rampant rumors of a paid contract to get married, check. They celebrated their engagement by having a press conference. Yup, that's about a nine on my weird-o-meter. Additionally, I'm not the biggest fan of Tom Cruise. Ever since Mission Impossible: 2 I've gotten this fake vibe off of him. He just seems like he's never truly himself. A reader who goes by Bunny asked if there was any further buzz about them, since they just seemed to drop off the radar (also weird). The most recent rumors I've heard are that they plan to get married on Christmas Day, because it's a special day to both of them. I find that odd - do Scientologists even believe in Christ? Anyway, I've also heard she plans on taking his last name and changing her first to Kate, so she will become Kate Cruise. Yuck. I don't like this - it smells funny. Stay tuned, fellow curious onlookers.