Thursday, August 24, 2006

Retouching Our Attitudes

We've all been told countless times of the massive retouching efforts employed by the print media, movie producers and advertisers. A picture of perfection is presented, causing us to idolize the celebrity and criticize ourselves. No wrinkle is left unsmoothed, no blemish remains. Double-chins are edited out and even strands of hair are strategically placed and relocated.

If we know this, why do we continue the self-deprecation?

The BEFORE photo:

The AFTER photo:

So cut it out, already. You are beautiful, unique and fabulous, even when you look like you've just rolled out of bed. It's time we began to retouch our attitudes and embrace our exquisiteness.

Note: This is by no means, "pick-on-Britney-week," but it just so happened that she's the featured exhibit in this dog and pony show. Photos originate from a Glamour cover shoot, earlier this year.

Images courtesy of Teddy & Moo.