Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How Not To Look Fat-A Book Review

I just read a great book.

Now normally I wouldn't be reviewing books for this website. I mean, we're into fashion right? By the time anything fashion related is written, edited, and published, the fashions have changed. But this book is different, and I had to share it with you. It is pure genius.

I am 5'3" and a size 8. Not skinny, not fat. I'm definitely out of model proportions, though, and for that reason I found this book tremendously useful, and tremendously freeing as well.

Danica Lo
is your average gal, and the average gal is her audience. Reading her book is a breath of fresh air after the stuffy maxims of Vogue and the like. Lo reminds us of what's really important: not looking fat. Her maxim? It's time to get real.

I now view Lo as a personal soul sister of fashion. Some of her rules:

A V-Neck, 3/4 top is the most flattering thing you can wear. Period. This isn't a huge surprise, but I know now what to pull out of my closet on a bad day.

Star with a good foundation. If we've said it once here, we've said it a million times. Nice to know someone besides our grandmothers back us up.

Insist upon a perfect pair of jeans. Are the pockets too high? Your butt will look like it's sagging. Too low? Your butt will appear to be busting out all over. Too far apart? Too big of a butt. You get the picture. Lo (who has never been below a size 10 in her adult life) shows us how to find the perfect pair of jeans.

Some other tips:

Operation Hand On Waits: How to look good in a photo shoot
Exercise If You Must: What to wear to the gym
How to Smell Thinner
Banishing Back Fat (Until it becomes stylish)

You want to hear my favorite piece of advice?

You're gorgeous. Deal with it. As Lo so confidently states in her introduction, this book may change your life. It's changed mine. It can change yours. More than helping you look good, Lo communicates an important message--one that we at Las F strive to communicate: You are beautiful, as you are. This is the body that God gave with you to walk through life. Work it!

ETA: Danica Lo also has a blog. Check it out!