Friday, July 28, 2006

Scarlett Explains It All

I adore Scarlett Johannson. She's soft and feminine with a gorgeous, normal-girl body. Well, except for those celebrated boobs. Other than that, very normal.

Here, Scarlett demonstrates how gorgeous well-applied, well-blended (yet kind of over-the-top) make-up can be. Instead of choosing just one feature to emphasize, her make-up artist chose to highlight her peepers with a smoky, smudged eye, her cheeks with a bronzy peach, and her full lips with a bold, glossy pink. Pulling her hair back puts her glowing face on center stage.

Normally you would want to emphasize only one or two features (Angelina Jolie is the master at this), but this is a fun party look. This make-up may not work for every day, but at a movie premiere, it's fabulous!