Monday, July 24, 2006

The Five Fashion Commandments

The freedom of fashion is a privilege and is not granted to us without responsibility. Here are five fashion commandments that prevent unnecessary fashion sin.

1) Thou shalt wear clothes that fit.

Sounds simple, right? At least one would think so! Chances are, not a day goes by when you see someone flouncing around town in clothing so tight that you see every dimple and roll, or clothing so large that it would be better suited as a tent. Don't ignore your common sense. The tag may say size 4, but wouldn't a size 6 fit you better? Cut out the tags if necessary---do whatever it is that you need to do---but remember, you'll be at your most flattering when you wear your clothes to fit.

2) Thou shalt dress for the occasion.

It's true that we live in a blue-jeans world. Everywhere from our workplaces to our places of worship have embraced the casual shift in dress. It's even acceptable to grocery shop in sweats and sans makeup. This is all fine and good, except when we show up at a job interview or a formal occasion extremely underdressed. Do your research and find out the appropriate attire for the event. And when in doubt, err on the side of overdressing.

3) Thou shalt dress for comfort.

I'd like to refute the claims of the old adage, "pain is beauty." Contrary to popular belief, fashion can and should be comfortable! That new pair of four-inch heels may make your legs look hot, but how hot will you look when you begin to wince in pain from blisters and achy feet? Or what about that strapless dress that just won't stay up? If you'll be tugging on it all night long, it's not worth it. People can sense when you aren't confident and comfortable in your ensemble.

4) Thou shalt dress without indecency.

In the age of "skin is in," we seem to have forgotten the rules of allure. Plunging necklines and emergent thongs are an unfortunate byproduct of our sexed-up society. A classy Fashionista leaves something to the imagination! Nobody wants to see your ta-tas or your crack!

5) Thou shalt embody a unique style of your own.

You were created uniquely. Own it. If you can't identify your own personal style, get thee to your closet immediately and reference F.Cali's guide to discovering a signature style. Don't be a slave to the trends and over-saturate with designer labels. And remember that what's right for the goose is not always right for the gander!