Wednesday, July 12, 2006

She Bangs

Recently, I saw The Devil Wears Prada, and while I enjoyed the movie, I did not enjoy Anne Hathaway's bangs in every scene. Bangs are an interesting creature, in and of themselves. They can add a trendy twist to a new haircut, hide an unfortunate blemish or large forehead, and are very versatile in nature. There is an evil side to bangs too though, prompting the question, how much bang is too much bang?

Too much

I'm a bit troubled by Anne Hathaway's mall-bangs in the above photo. Not only do her bangs make her look school-marmish and enervated, but they hide her eyes! They look heavy on her face and don't exactly say, "be my friend."

Bangs also should NOT be a shout-out to the Aqua Net decade, i.e. the 1980s. Along with wings, stiffly sprayed bangs died with the breakup of Flock of Seagulls.

Just Right

Despite the chia bangs worn in some scenes, Anne also manages to sport her bangs with style. Pictured to the left at TDWP premiere, Anne's bangs are swept to the side gracefully. The side-swept bang is the easiest to pull off and virtually anyone can wear them. They can be any length, including the short baby-bang, but a swift sweep to either side of the face classes up a coif.

Another variation of the side sweep is lending bangs to both sides of the face. Here, Anne's bangs are parted loosely down the middle and pushed to the sides to show off her fabulous complexion and that fabulous red lipstick.

Wispy bangs are another fun option. A set of wispy bangs can dance across the forehead without the heaviness. Wispy bangs are very low-maintenance and give a shout-out to "the girl next door."

In the land of bangs, the object of the game is to see your beautiful, shining face. There's no need to become Cousin Itt.

Photos courtesy of Yahoo Movies.