Thursday, June 29, 2006

She's 'Rebellious' alright...

Oh snap! It's the PM and I still have to write a post for Las F for tomorrow! Whatever shall I do? I am short on time, so I need something quick. Instant post, if you will.

Hey look, it's everyone's favorite punching bag!

After the Britney's debacle of an interview and the resulting firestorm that arose from her lack of stylist, she's decided she doesn't need her fans after all. Or any good publicity.

And we all know that nothing says: "I'm rebelling and I don't give a rat's derriere what you [redacted] think" quite like black hair! Ooohhh...dramatic! Deep! Original! And yet so overdone!

I will give her points for her glowing skin and those shoes, although I wish she wouldn't wear them while a) pregnant (what if she trips?) or b) carrying her baby (again with the tripping). And the dress is cute albeit a bit wrinkled, but I mean, it's a dress and it matches and she IS wearing shoes, after all.

Overall, she looks like what this would look like if you electrocuted it, which of course means not so hot.

Poor Britney. Please stop making it so easy.

ETA: I've seen the pictures for Bazaar. I won't post them here (we like to keep it work friendly) but I will say this: She doesn't even look comfortable. The look on her face says it all: "You better be makin' me look GOOD! And...I have to admit they did an OK job.