Monday, June 19, 2006

Other fun fashion websites

Although we here at Las F believe we know pretty much everything there is to know about fashion and style (and we're modest about it, too!), I think we are willing to admit that there are a few other websites we enjoy visiting from time to time.

We want you to keep coming by Las F (please!), but here are a few of our faves of fashion:

Go Fug Yourself - These ladies define the meaning of a "barbed wit." Their scathing celebrity fashion reviews will literally have you laughing so hard you cannot breath. (I would not want to be a celebrity precisely because of these girls.)

Style Bakery - A fun little site with a sweet concoction theme, including favorite style "recipes," what's hot and what's not, and excellent fashion advice.

Dilly Dilly's What Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe - Her most recent post on business casual has revolutionized my life! This gal is just full of good common fashion sense.

MSN Beauty and Fashion - While geared toward an older audience, this website has some great tips and a message board.

Lucky Magazine - Though I cancelled my Lucky subscription after faithfully reading for two years (I'm just not the type of girl to shop in New York City every week with a $1,000-per-outfit budget), I really like the magazine's aesthetic and their "Catch of the Day" available on their website.

Add yours in the comment section!