Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Beautiful Woman Misses the Boat

I've always loved Scarlet Johansson. I love her pale and luminous skin, I love that she typically isn't artificially brown as a nut, I love that she looks well fed and healthy.

I love this photo of her too:

Yes, yes, pretty, nice, not too crazy about the hair, but it's not bad, love the makeup, love seeing a genuine smile, she looks happy, necklace is OK, like the color of that dress...

Erm, let's talk about the dress shall we? It looks like some sort of tribute to the 1920s, except shorter. Love the matching bag and shoes, though. She's so Old Hollywood.

I really, really want to like this dress. But I can't excuse the top. Maybe it's just her posture, but the dress looks frumpy. She's so well-endowed on top that this blousy fit really does her no favors.

Scarlet, keep the color--lose the smock!