Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Suspending reality for a moment...

Jennifer writes Las F with the following question: "Hi, I bought suspenders as a fun, original accessory but what should I wear them with? (Before you tear the whole idea apart, I’m incredibly bored of my jeans and t-shirt uniform and want to stand out in a good way). Thank you."

Well, we've talked a little about how to stand out before, but honestly, suspenders never even crossed my mind.

Maybe it's because I associate suspenders with a rather large man at my childhood church who wore them, not for reasons of fashion, but simply to keep his pants up. We all rooted for those suspenders to win their fight against gravity. Or the dozens of faded suspenders passed on to my husband after his grandfather (God bless his soul, I loved that man, suspenders and all) passed away. Or maybe because suspenders make me think of this:

But hey, if you're going to wear suspenders, you might as well do it right. Normally I would suggest keeping the rest of your outfit low-key, but suspenders are considered pretty zany, so you might as well have fun with the rest of your outfit, too.

Keep the colors fairly "safe" (matching, not too many prints) to avoid looking like a circus clown. You can wear them with slacks or jeans, but I'd avoid a skirt (unless it's of the more kicky mini-skirt variety) or capris. Over a t-shirt will work just fine.

And if you want to add "flair," be my guest!