Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Product Review: No-Ad Sunless Tanning Lotion

The claim: "Enhance the healthy glow of your skin instantly. This non-greasy, fast-drying, fresh fragranced formula provides instant, natural looking color without the sun. Specially formulated with bronzers to enable you to see where you have applied product and to provide an even, flawless, streak-free, natural looking tan."

The good: You just can't beat the price. It's probably the least expensive self-tanner out there. It comes in a large tube, and you can afford to use quite a bit of it if you want. It's super-moisturizing and easy to apply. The instant color helps you keep track of where you have applied the lotion, and the color is remarkably warm and subtle.

The bad: Like most self-tanners, this stuff reeks. When you first apply it, it seems lightly fragranced by coconuts and chocolate, not an unpleasant combination. But give it half an hour, and you'll stink to high heaven. Most people apply it right before bed, sleep while it's "baking" and shower the smell off in the morning.

(The person who invents a truly fresh-fragranced self-tanner--at an affordable price--is going to make a mint off of fashionistas one day.)

The ugly: It can be a little splotchy as it fades. And it will stain clothing and bedsheets, especially in the event of perspiration. As always, watch out for darker spots on ankles, feet and hands.

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