Friday, May 26, 2006

Filching French Fashion

Readers, I missed you and this site, but the vacation was nice. I didn't stop thinking about ideas for new posts though!

Want to add some French flair to your wardrobe? Here are some fashions I observed while in France. I wouldn't be surprised if they made their way over here in a few years time. To be ahead of the fashion curve, start incorporating them now!

Silk scarf, $12.99
Scarves I have never seen so many scarves all in one place. There are several varieties: A long, cotton, ethnic scarf, and also the classic 100% silk. Don't be afraid to go bold and add some color and pizazz to your outfits!

Big hats I didn't observe too many women wearing these (besides my cousin's wedding of course), but they're all over the stores a la My Fair Lady. OK, maybe they aren't that extreme, but they're classy and unique. Wear with caution, maybe for a swank barbecue or a chic cruise.

Pedro Garcia, about $340

Flat, pointy-toed shoes
These were popping up everywhere-with jeans, with skirts, with slacks, with any outfit imaginable. It's not a fashion I would have previously consider, but it makes sense: the French use a lot of public transportation and therefore walk far more than we do in the States. They need comfy shoes, but they also don't want to compromise style.

Good perfume Bathing jokes aside (yes, they really DON'T wash their hair every day), French women are very into smelling pretty and feminine. Nearly every woman who passed me on the streets smelled of good perfume. A personalized scent is a must for every fashionista. It's your aura, the thing others come to associate with your presence. My favorite? J'Adore by Dior, available at Sephora.

By the Way: We're all busy and tired, so we're taking an extra long holiday. We'll be back on Wednesday or sometime around there. Have a lovely weekend!!