Thursday, June 22, 2006

Is that you, Star?

Okay, Star's dress is way too busy, but it's kind of fun for summer, right? Spunky colors, a cute cut, a little flirty at the bottom. Sometimes, against all odds, a strapless dress can be a busty girl's best friend.

Her "I'm-a-six-year-old-on-my-way-to-a-Barbie-themed-birthday-party" purse pains me, but texture is fun, right? And do they sell those hot pink sandals at Payless, because I am soooo getting some if they do.

But seriously, why is Star Jones starting to look less and less like herself? Why is it a crime to be over 40--and look like you are over 40? Granted, I thought she looked a little like Ursula the Sea Witch before her face was stretched farther and farther into oblivion, but I mean that in the best way possible...Ursula is a classic! At least the Sea Witch would know enough to wear a little lip gloss to a red carpet event.

Star, cool it with the Botox and plastic surgery. Please. I liked your nostrils and eyebrows where they were before.

Photo courtesy of Hollywood Rag