Monday, July 10, 2006

Real Would be Really Fabulous.

Oh Teri. How the mighty have fallen...

Drag Queen is the new black! Love the outfit, though.

What is with this photo, honey? I'm sure they just caught you at a bad moment. Maybe you should try eating more than celery sticks before coming to these events. I can only imagine the pangs your low blood sugar must be giving you to cause you to make a face like this.

I've hated on Teri before and with good reason. Take a look at her about 9 years ago:

Her face is softer. She's younger, so of course it would be. My point is that the only way a face gets harsher over time (presumably--this is my amateur opinion) is with plastic surgery and heavy botox. She is beautiful here, and she's beautiful in the famous Seinfeld episode:

"By the way, they're REAL, and they're FABULOUS!" *Slams door*

Teri, the REAL you is buried somewhere under all the obsessive dieting and botox. Somewhere along the way, your sweet young-thing persona was replaced by a desperate woman who is clawing frantically at the last shreds of her youth instead of embracing the powerfully attractive middle-aged woman she could be. It's a crying shame that someone doesn't put a stop to all these women competing with 20-somethings. Nothing says fashion faux pas quite like denial.

Someone stop the madness!