Thursday, July 20, 2006

Graphic Tease

I don't know if it's my inner punk-rock princess emerging or what, but I love graphic tees. You know, those fitted, incredibly soft, t-shirts boasting anything from your favorite band to a mild insult. Some are vintage-inspired and others front cartoony characters. Either way, I can't get enough of them. They're cheap, fun, flirty, and perfect with bermuda shorts and flip flops for a night at the fair or a minor league baseball game.

Here are a few tees to "tease" you:

The mild-insult t-shirt isn't always so mild, but hilarious, nonetheless. Be careful to use your best judgement with a mild-insult tee---some insults are too politically incorrect or vulgar for a classy Fashionista.

The graphic tee world allows you to wax 80s nostalgia easily. Some of these retro tees don the faces of vintage television stars, like the John Stamos (Full House) tee to the right. Others feature products or slogans characteristic of the decade.

The cartoon character tee is a lot of fun, with a wide range of animated personalities to choose from. David & Goliath, whose Dumb Blonde character is to the left, created their own line of cartoon characters specifically made for you to express thyself.

The state-pride tee gives you reason to pay homage to the land under your feet--in a not-so-tactful way, of course. My own state shirt says, "You're the only ten-i-see!"

Lastly, the band tshirt grants you instant street cred---unless your favorite musician is Britney Spears...

Whatever flavor of tee you choose, you're certain to come across as one laid-back, flirty gal!

Photos linked to online vendor.