Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Men of Style

Drumroll please: Las Fashionistas nominate the following men for our own little "Las F Men of Style" award. Vote for your favorite in the comments section!

The ever-gorgeous, George Clooney. The man looks good in scrubs, a Batsuit, a tuxedo or totally dressed down. Hubba-hubba.

He is the perfect example of how to go gray with class--and without "letting yourself go."

Our favorite quirky bad boy, Johnny Depp. He has a sexy, not-too-serious sense of style.

He also looks noticeably better in eyeliner than Jared Leto, and to that we say, "Bravo." (Admit it, you know you are supposed to root for Will, but Captain Jack Sparrow is the ultimate underdog hero.)

Finally, there's up-and-coming star, Terrence Howard. This man is just way too gorgeous for his own good. Or mine.

Not afraid to take the occasional fashion risk, Mr. Howard seems to score every time. Besides, check out those eyes, and those lips, and those...well, you get the picture.

A few honorable mentions:

Seriously, does Will Smith ever look bad?

Although he pained me recently with his straggly long hair, Hugh Jackman has great taste and is a major cutie to boot. As a sidenote, Scarlett Johansson also seems to think he's a pretty great kisser. Nice!

Vote for your faves below!