Thursday, July 13, 2006

Living the Liv Way

Okay, I love Liv Tyler. Love her movies (okay, not Armageddon, but dang, she was even cute in that), love her outlook on life, just love her.

I really admire that she took time to drop the baby weight and didn't go crazy looking for roles right after her baby was born. She seems to enjoy being a homebody.

I think moms everywhere can learn a lesson from her:

Her hair looks healthy and brushed. Her make-up is subtle and pretty. She appears to be sporting her natural skin color. Her dress is not overly revealing, and the scarf adds a shot of color and interest to her outfit. It appears that she actually eats food and doesn't subsist on cocaine.

Her child also appears to be clean and dressed--a triumph in and of itself.

In short, she's a healthy, happy mama. Kudos, Liv.

Photo courtesy of Pop Sugar.