Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Classy Lady

Christina Aguilera is one of the few celebrities who never appears in public looking anything less than perfect. She gets the prize for best-put-together celeb, especially since her marriage. Britney, we're looking at you. Please call her.

Christina's revamped her look and is much less skanky than she used to be. Personally I like her without her red lipstick as well:

I love her long lashes, I love the gold eyeshadow, and I love the hair and the cute headband.

Even her bag and her shoes match. I question the pairing of gray and ivory...but...I'll let it slide.

(Pictures from these people. Thanks guys.)

Here's her typical look:

Hi, Christina's twins. Can I get an autograph? Oh thanks ever so.

I had to look closely at this because for a moment I thought it was Marilyn Monroe. But Marilyn never had a waist that tiny. It can't be more than 17 inches.

First of all shoes=follow the yellow brick road. Shorts=not quite as hot as Jessica. Legs=PLEASE stop pigeon-toeing. It's not good for you.