Friday, August 04, 2006

Treating Your Feet

Tired of the Manolo craze? Are your tootsies begging you for something more comfortable than the standard pointy toed foot fare? Are you just fed up with uncomfortable shoes? Do you want to avoid the bunions, bruises, and blisters? Sick of spider veins?

Our feet take a beating every day. Even though pretty shoes are a great fashion statement, comfort is important! Here are some pointers for choosing yummy, comfy shoes that will give your feet the support they need.

Born Croix, $95.95

Know your limits. First of all, get a pen and paper. Trace the outline of BOTH of your feet onto the paper. Try to do this in the afternoon when your feet are the most swollen. Take this paper with you when you go shoe shopping. It's actually a good idea to go in the afternoon because, as I mentioned before, your feet are at their largest then.

Got that paper handy? Hold it up to the bottom of any shoe you're thinking of buying. If the shoe doesn't meet the outlines of your foot it is too small. Go up a size or find a new pair of shoes.

Born Brin, $83.95

Feeling good is not fug. As demand for comfortable shoes increases, shoe companies are offering hundreds of darling styles without sacrificing the health of your feet. My personal favorite is Born, available at department stores and on the Web. I wore those shoes the entire time I was in France without a trace of discomfort. They are the best and worth every penny.

Now get out there and do something good for you feet!