Friday, September 01, 2006

Sometimes, Entropy Works In Reverse. Who knew!

Last year Jennifer Love Hewitt (Or J-Love, as I will call her for the rest of this post) did NOT get a passing grade on her Emmys outfit. Looking back on it, I guess it was alright. It just lacked punch.

Imagine my astonishment, then, noble readers, in seeing her in this getup:

According to her IMDB profile J-Love will be 28 this coming February. She's not the teen queen she once was, but time has been good to her. We've already discussed how much stars are retouched in photos, but it's not likely that these photos have been altered. Red carpet photos tell all, and J-Love passes with flying colors this year.

I love this dress. It highlights a soft, womanly side of her that we miss in her typical Audrey Hepburn numbers. Her skin is perfect, her hair is polished to perfection, and I love the beginnings of crow's feet. (It's an odd quirk of mine, but I find crow's feet attractive. Go ahead. Laugh.)

There's nothing to snark here. She's thought of everything--nothing is out of place, nothing is overdone. She's in the prime of life--not too young to be green, not too old to be cynical. Best of all, she looks happy and balanced.

As Louisa May Alcott once said, it is the little details that make up the pleasing whole. A great maxim for starlets and fashionistas alike!

Note: The Fashionistas are taking Monday off to spend time with friends and family. Enjoy your holiday weekend!