Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fan Fare

Football season has officially begun, eliciting either cheers or jeers based on your love of the game. Regardless of whether you are armed with pom-poms and shakers, or whether your boyfriend is dragging you kicking and screaming to the stadium, it's a must to look the part.

As the weather turns crisp and cold, layers are the key to comfort. You can always remove layers if you get too warm.

Keeping warm starts with your feet. Build your foundation with a thick pair of socks and leather boots or sneakers. Add a pair of broken-in jeans. Jeans are surprisingly excellent insulators and will cut the wind, unlike other types of pants. Top the foundation off with a fitted cotton or thermal long sleeve shirt.

Your outerwear is arguably the most important part of your fan-inspired ensemble. It must be flexible enough for you to wave your arms around in joy when your team scores a touchdown, yet warm enough to keep you from shivering. On top of your foundational layers, try a fleece-lined hoodie or a down-filled, quilted vest.

Wrap-up in a coordinating scarf, and matching gloves or mittens. Top off your sporty look with a logo cap of your favorite team and a bouncy ponytail. Not only will you represent, but none of your heat will escape out of the top of your head.
With the appropriate outerwear, you're sure to last until the fourth quarter! Goooooooo Fashionista!