Wednesday, September 13, 2006


What is wrong with these pictures? What? I'll tell you what. Two perfectly acceptable outfits were ruined by the most detestably WRONG pair of shoess imaginable.

Case #1:

As usual Katie Holmes looks darling. This outfit is charming if a bit black. But we'll forgive her that. However, the shoes end AT HER ANKLES, showcasing the think part of her legs. The long and lean look is completely overpowered by the stumpy effect created by these horrible shoes.

Meanwhile we have "I was born in LA but I prefer to make like Madonna and be a UK poser while turning down my milk-white nose at all things American" Gywneth Paltrow. Gwynnie "I'm so much more cultured than Americans" nearly always looks put together. I don't like the pencil jeans, but I hate pencil jeans in general, so I'll let it slide. She looks fine...but what IS she wearing on her feet? They look like Dearfoams with a heel.

Bottom line, ladies? Your shoes are noticeable, people WILL see them. Choose wisely.

And don't ever let me catch you wearing shoes like these, or I will totally get all Gwyneth Paltrow on you and shoot you a withering stare.