Monday, September 11, 2006

Can't wear wool

Singlemuslimah writes, "I'm seriously allergic to wool. Can you do a feature on non-wool, non-puffy winter coats. I want the pretty ladylike coats but I just can't wear wool. Unfortunately, the alternative seems to be wearing a puffer coat or being cold. Thanks so much. "

We are here to help! Interesting enough, when you type "wool allergy" into Google, you end with a whole lotta articles describing the controversy about "people who think they are allergic, but really aren't" and "how to determine if you really are allergic."

Only you know, muslimah, but if you (and others) would like to check it out, these are pretty good articles here and here.

Your best bet may be search for "cruelty-free" and "animal-friendly" products, including stylish faux leather and furs, to avoid aggravating your wool allergy.

PETA recommended a few coats, including the one featured here, all available at the Burlington Coat Factory.

These coats have the classic wool coat styling while being made entirely of nylon, acrylic and polyester, and are still quite warm.

Simply do a search for cruelty-free clothing or synthetic clothing, and when you shop, look for the materials mentioned above while avoiding wool (and mohair, cashmere and angora, if you, dear reader, wish to make animal-friendly clothing part of your lifestyle).